Episode 6 – Great Code Books, Relationship Debt & API Tools



This episode Paul and James talk through their favorite programming books of all time. They get into talking about a concept they’re calling “Relationship Debt” (spin off of “Technical Debt”). Finally, Paul shares some API Tools he’s found this week.



refactoringRefactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

TDDTest Driven Development by Example


structureStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programs


workingWorking Effectively with Legacy Code

True supporter note:

As you, the crazed RaaS listener know, we’re new at this podcast thing. We’ve asked you to be patient as we’re figuring it out.  Please let me know if

I’ll also let you know, that episode 7 (next episode) is the going to be the first episode when James records with his new mic! So hang in there loyal listeners!

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