Episode 37 – Ideas – Giselle Aldridge as Guest Host

Giselle AldridgeIdeas. The things that turn into businesses. Giselle Aldridge guest hosts as we talk about ideas. What are they worth? How do you vet them? When do you protect them? Join us to talk about ideas for businesses.

Giselle Valenzuela Aldridge is an entrepreneur and software engineer with more than fifteen years of making people laugh while writing software.  She has spent the majority of her career focused on working with data, but views all software and business problems as puzzles begging to be solved.  She is passionate about advocating for young people to focus on careers in STEM and works particularly hard to draw girls’ attentions to the STEM fields.  She has volunteered with organizations like ITWomen, which encourages and enables girls to focus on futures in STEM.  Since founding Colossians Consulting, she has co-written a blog highlighting issues faced by women in STEM named I Am IT Woman.

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