Episode 32 – Andy Hunt

Author of the best-selling book “The Pragmatic Programmer” and original signatory of the Agile Manifesto, Andy Hunt joins us. We talk about what actually happened to get 17 of the strongest developers in the country together to create the agile manifesto. What arguments were had? Who was the hardest to […]

Andy Hunt

Episode 31 – Commitment

James and I talk “commitment”. Do you know what the first definition of the word is? We focus on the second and how our view of commitment has changed over the years. How owning business has changed the way we look at the word in contrast to how we looked […]

Jared Richardson

Episode 29 – Jared Richardson (Part 1)

Jared Richardson, creator of the GROWS methodology, founder of AgileArtisans, keynote speaker and software enthusiast joins us to talk about the future of Agile and software development. We talk about where software has been. Listen in on where software development is going and the issues around the current state of Agile. Is […]

Episode 28 – Tom Davies of Burst Commerce

Tom Davies joins us to talk about his latest venture, Burst Commerce. We talk about the Shopify marketplace and his app “Best Seller Insights” on Shopify. Tom shares his journey in entrepreneurship and software development with us. A little about Tom: Tom is an entrepreneur, with a focus on e-commerce, […]