Episode 29 – Jared Richardson (Part 1)

Jared Richardson, creator of the GROWS methodology, founder of AgileArtisans, keynote speaker and software enthusiast joins us to talk about the future of Agile and software development. We talk about where software has been. Listen in on where software development is going and the issues around the current state of Agile. Is […]

Jared Richardson

Episode 28 – Tom Davies of Burst Commerce

Tom Davies joins us to talk about his latest venture, Burst Commerce. We talk about the Shopify marketplace and his app “Best Seller Insights” on Shopify. Tom shares his journey in entrepreneurship and software development with us. A little about Tom: Tom is an entrepreneur, with a focus on e-commerce, […]

Episode 27 – Give yourself a break!

James and I talk about the time demands of running a business and how important it is to force yourself to take a break. We talk about what we do for a break and how it helps. Shnotes: The Happiness Trap That guy from “That 70s Show” and “Steve Jobs” […]

Episode 26 – Boundaries

Paul and James talk boundaries. In business, in the workplace… do good fences really make good neighbors?  

Episode 25 – Mike Lyles

We talk with guest Mike Lyles, QE Program Manager at Belk, Director of Strategy at Software Test Professionals, writer of the upcoming book “The Drive Thru is Not Always Faster” and speaker. We talk about testing, Mike’s career so far and our excitement about the upcoming testing conference #STPCon in Dallas September […]

Mike Lyles